Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scenes from Spring Break

Travis was on Spring Break last week, so we took a little mini vacation. It was cold and windy and rainy outside, but luckily, we went to a hotel that has waterslides INSIDE. I didn't get any pictures of Riley coming down the big slide, but he was all over the big slide too. Travis, of course, was everywhere, and enjoyed all the slides. He also would just make a new friend and start playing basketball and other games in the pools with whatever kids were around.

This is in the outside pool. The pool is heated, but it was only about 45 degrees outside, and really really windy. The walk back to the building was AWFUL! :)

Well, here is a picture of him coming out of the big waterslide! All grins as you can see.

Riley didn't like the buckets that would dump water on you. So Travis and I took those on, alone.

When Riley wasn't on the slides, this is what he was doing. Just jumping in the pool. Over, and over, and over again!

We spent most of our time at the hotel, since there was so much fun to be had there, but we did go out for a short while each day. One day we went to Family Kingdom.

Travis enjoyed being tall enough to drive the go-carts on his own.

Riley loved the rides he rode.

Travis was a good sport and rode the carousel with Riley (at Riley's request).

Riley got to ride as a passenger in the go-carts as well. You could just barely see his little head!

We played some mini-golf. Riley didn't want to at first, and kept defiantly announcing to us that he was NOT going to play mini-golf, he was only going to watch Trav. Well, all that went away when he saw there was "lellow" golf balls and his club size was also "lellow". He was in it to win it then! He and Travis both made a hole in one this day. (Jay and the boys played mini golf the next day for a bit while I did some shopping, and Riley made a hole in one that day also!)

Can you guess who had what color ball? Ok...I'll tell you: Jay had Duke blue, Riley had "lellow", I had Carolina Blue and Travis had black

Look! I can ride it like a horsey too! 

Riley hitched a ride on the luggage cart.

Jay had to work on Thursday, so the boys and I went to see The Croods 3D that day. We really enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Glad you all had so much fun!! Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh

Anonymous said...

Looks like Travis and Riley had lots of fun over Spring Break! Love, Pauline


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