Saturday, April 6, 2013

Riley's first Tball game

Today was Riley's first Tball game. He was very excited! He did, however, want to switch hats with Travis on the ride to the field, because Travis' ball hat this season is "lellow", which is Riley's favorite color. 
Jay and Travis move the bases from the big boy distance to the small fry distance. They are field crew every game for our team. None of the other teams ever bother to move them! Shame on them. 

Paying attention

Today, he decided to hit righty. Not sure if he is going to stay that way, or be a switch hitter, as previously, he has only wanted (and been successful) to hit lefty.

 He made it to first! And he always looks to us. He thrives on praise!

Here he comes to third!

And going home! He didn't make it in time this inning, but the next time he did, and scored a run for our team!

Playing pitcher, scooping up the ball and then throwing it to first.

One of the fundamentals of baseball, is to learn to "step and throw". Riley takes the "step" VERY seriously :)
 Giving his coach a not so high five for a job well done

Hands in, after the game. GOOOOOO BRAVES!! Especially, #2!

After Riley's game, it was home for lunch, then right back to a ball field, for Travis' practice. His first game, which was supposed to be last night, but postponed due to a too-wet field, is tomorrow evening. During Travis' practice, I worked with Riley on his hitting and throwing/fielding.  Then, it was off to Dick's for new ball pants for Travis and a new glove for him too. Today was certainly a day full of baseball!


Anonymous said...

Way to Go, Riley! Play Ball!! Love, "Mama" "Grandmommy"

Anonymous said...

Go Riley! We know you will do so good in Tball this season. Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh


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