Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec 14 & 15: Shootin' again!

I cheated on the past few days...its been a busy weekend, and getting pictures was tough, so I doubled up.

Today, we did a little shooting. Travis with the .22

Next up, 9mm #1
 After that, 9mm #2
 My turn!

Dec 12 & 13: Brothers

Riley and Travis, hanging out on Trav's bed, watching TV together.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 11: shootin

This picture is from Thanksgiving. But since I've been a terrible blogger lately, I figured it doesn't matter. Its still a previously unshared pic, right?

Travis shooting the .38 special. He loved it! We shot up our pumpkins. They took it pretty well until Travis brought out his 243. Then, they blew apart!

Dec 10: thinking of summer

Sigh...only 10 days in and I am already behind!  Oh well

Riley handwriting the To:/From's on the first gift to be wrapped and go under our tree. Why yes, I AM behind on my shopping/wrapping. It's ok though. I will have a massive wrapping session one night and the boys will wake up and be surprised!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 9: making faces

Riley told me he wanted me to take pictures of him.once I was ready, this is what happened!
Crazy face

Crazy face


And if things weren't already random enough,he decided to put his Halloween costume on for a picture!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec 8: red noses

This morning, the boys woke up to find that Pistachio had painted their noses red, like Rudolph during the night!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dec 7: Basketball season

Today was Travis' first basketball game of the season. This season, we chose to play with Topsail Basketball, instead of Upward. That means he is now playing full-court basketball. I did not get a picture of him before we left the house, as he didn't have his basketball shoes on then (cannot wear them, except on the court), so I thought I would get a picture when we got there. Wrong! He was not on board with that plan. It's tough being a cool sixth grader, image to uphold and whatnot. So, I snuck a picture with my phone during the game.

You can't tell in this picture, but he is wearing Breast Cancer awareness Nike Elite socks in honor of Riley's nurse Brigit who is fighting breast cancer.

Travis is #5, in the yellow.


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