Monday, April 1, 2013

My handsome boys at Easter

Riley has to watch every moment that Travis plays Minecraft

 Riley was finally ready to hunt for eggs. Travis did not hunt for eggs yesterday. Just one more thing that he has outgrown :(
 A pink egg for Mommy!

 My Travis, who gets more and more handsome every day.

 My sweet little Rileybear, who I could eat with a spoon.He would not put down the bucket for a picture.

This picture makes me laugh. Look how long his legs look at this angle! Notice the two bandaids on his knees...thus the sucker reward he is sucking on. Poor little guy, bowled over by the dog on the driveway and skinned his knees. 

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Anonymous said...

So happy you had a good time in Myrtle Beach and a Happy Easter. Your boys are growing by leaps and bounds, especially Travis! Love, Pauline


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