Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 25: Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning began with Travis waking me up at 7am..."Mommy! Can we go see if Santa came now?!". He said he woke up at 3am, saw that it was 3am on the clock, and went back to sleep. I thanked him for that! Riley needed a little more prodding to get moving. He would rather have slept a little longer, but we finally got him up, and off we went.

Travis found that Santa had left him an Ipod touch, amongst other things. That went over VERY well!

Riley, who was not so sure about what all this Santa stuff was about, was thrilled to see what was left for him also!

Our mischievous little elf Pistachio, left us a note!

Riley loved opening his gifts, and didn't rush through it. He took his time with each one.

Travis got a very special gift from Mema and Granddaddy...

Riley loves this little ride on! It has made many trips down our hallway already!

Santa brought Riley a Gator!

Me and my sweet girl, who was technically, an early Christmas gift.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the boys had a good Christmas...they must have been good the whole year! Love, Pauline


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