Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 26: Brothers stick together...always

Today, Travis wanted to ride his 4wheeler for a while. Before he could really begin, it needed a small repair (something about a missing bolt). While it was being worked on, Riley enjoyed pretending to drive it.

And then, it was fixed, and Travis took off on it, and Riley went back to his Gator.

Travis was riding in the garden a little later, and Riley decided, he was going to riding in the garden in the Corvette. If Travis is doing it, he has to do it also! However, his choice of vehicle was all wrong, and I found them like this:

I don't even think they noticed me. Travis backed his 4wheeler up to the Corvette:

Hooked it up:

Had Riley put it in reverse, and pulled him out!

Travis sent Riley to swap vehicles, and back he went to riding.

Back Riley came with the Gator, and then, they were both riding in the dirt, over the little hills.

Off Travis went to the empty lot next door, making his own path as he went.

And then I hear "Trav!! Help me Trav!!". Riley was trying to ride through the weeds also, and got stuck.

Need more proof that brothers stick together? While emptying Travis' camera card, I found this picture, which he took with the self timer on the camera;

Love them boys of mine!

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Anonymous said...

I must say that Travis and Riley truly do stick together...had to smile at a couple of the pictures of Riley "stuck"! Funny! Love, Pauline


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