Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dec 24: Christmas Eve

The day began with the boys and I making some Christmas snacks. They both love to help!

Later, after visiting with our friends, the Pope's, a wrapping paper roll fight erupted!

Cookies for Santa, of course.

So pretty.

Hiding amongst the tree, was this little guy. We aren't sure if he meant to hang that way, or if he was up to no good, and something went wrong! Either way, the boys thought it quite funny!

Putting out reindeer food. This is when Riley REALLY got interested in all this "Santa is coming" business! (Dear Santa, I am just going to go ahead and ask forgiveness for Travis...who eageraly proclaimed that we were going out to "bait the stand" when feeding the reindeer. I promise, no harm will come to your deer at our house!)

More matching Pajamas! These, their official Christmas jammies.

Saying bye-bye to Pistachio. Riley started the waving,and it caught on.

Tradition of reading "twas the night before Christmas". Riley was glued to the story.

And finally, this year, at Travis' suggestion, we are trying something new. He suggested that he and Riley "camp out" in our bedroom for the night. That way, if/when they wake up before us, they don't have to be tempted about looking down the hallway before coming to get us. We go to see if Santa has come as a family, and usually this means Travis has to scoot across the hallway to our room, with out looking down the hall, which goes straight to where our tree is. Plus, we all agree, that Riley, should he wake up first, will not be able to withstand the temptation to just take off down the hallway with out the rest of us! :)

Hoping your Christmas is filled with Love!

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Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your "Christmas Eve" in pictures! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Love, Pauline


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