Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec 22 & 23: Hero Worship

Have I mentioned lately how much Riley worships his big brother? No? Well, he does! He wants to do anything and everything that Travis is doing. Today, Travis was hitting baseballs off his tee, and Riley had to join in. Travis was using his "big" bat though, so when Riley said "Let me Trav!", Travis told him so sweetly that the bat he was using was way too big and heavy for Riley, but he would get him a better one. So Travis went and got his T-ball training bat out of the garage for Riley and then patiently taught him how to hit the ball off the tee. When Travis moved on to his next adventure of the day, so did Riley. I love their sweet relationship.

Tonight, I wanted to get a picture of them in their matching pajamas and Riley wanted to be a stinker about it. So, I stopped saying "Riley, let me take a picture of you" and had Travis sit down at the tree, criss-cross, and and said "Riley, can you sit criss-cross like Travis?". That was ALL it took! As you can see from the pictures below...Riley just adores Travis! And how about Travis? He is looking more and more like a big kid to me now, and not a little boy. I dislike that very much!

This picture makes me laugh! Riley had run away, and Travis called him back. So...Riley ran back, and pinched Travis on the butt!

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Anonymous said...

Two sweet boys! I don't know who worships who more...Travis/Riley or Riley/Travis?? So happy for them and for you. Love, Pauline


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