Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pinewood Derby, climbing and bears...

Yesterday, was Travis' cub scout pack Pinewood Derby race. This is his second year participating, and he was so excited. I have to admit, it is pretty fun to watch. It's a lot of work for the kids/dads, so I think I have the easy part of the deal though. Jay and Travis went to help out Friday night with the setup and such and then Saturday was race day.
There were this many cars in Travis' group (Wolves). I forget the actual number,feel free to count the cars in the picture though :o)

Lots of excited little boys

The little brother was determined he was going to take down the banner thing

There it goes!

Travis did not win anything this year, but his good buddy won 1st place in their group, and Travis cheered loudly for him and gave him lots of high-fives and celebrated Holden's accomplishment as if it were his own. I think that made me more proud than if Travis had won. What a great show of good sportsmanship! Some of the dads could learn a lesson from a group of 7 years olds I think.

Riley made a discovery yesterday...that by using the step stool, he can climb, yet one more thing in our house...the furniture!
**disclaimer...yes, he is wearing a wonky outfit. His pajama pants seemed so much more comfy for naptime than his jeans, and well, he never quite made it back out of them! So please excuse the tacky outfit!**
Must get the stool just so...

Hoist chubby booty up...


Riley loves the bear...

Little bear that Riley had before he was born...and who I grabbed from his room during our quick stop home the day he was lifeflighted to Duke and who I tearfully brought to his bedside when he was 6 days old, and who stayed at his bedside, traveling up and down the interstate with him, for 107 days, and who traveled back to Duke in September to keep him company, and will travel there again next week, has now become a much loved companion to Rileybear. And he loves to "love the bear". And carries him around with him, and sleeps with him, and bear has now begun to travel around with us.

(note in the picture above, you can see "Souza" written in sharpie marker on the tag on the bears bottom...a forever reminder of his stay in the NICU as well - also, he's digging at his belly...a sure indicator that within 10 minutes, his bag would have to be changed, because it was leaking...sigh)

Travis has an assignment to collect and display 100 of some sort of collection, to bring into school this week in honor of the "100th day". He chose this year, his shark took collection, and today, he spent time arranging them in preparation of the 100th day. Good thing his daddy is a diver!

And it wouldn't be Sunday night without a picture of Travis and Misty would it? Here they are, snoozing in my bed (beside me actually)


Anonymous said...

Travis, "Mama" is so proud of you for showing good sportsmanship during the Pinewood Derby. You did a great job on your car. Love all the pictures. Keep on climbing, Riley! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

PS Travis, Enjoy "100" day at school. You have a very nice shark tooth collection. Love you, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of Travis, he's such a sweet kid to cheer on his friend. I love your car Travis! What a cool 100 collection to bring to school. I know your friends will love it when you share! Take care, Debbie and Gary


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