Sunday, September 6, 2009


Riley POOPED!!! Out his bottom. For the first time since he was a few days old. He just made my only getting about an hour and a half worth of rest all last night due to his shenanigans I posted about below ALL WORTH WHILE!

Speaking of those...the surgery resident just came by and said his urinalysis actually didn't show much bacteria. Just a speck really. But his blood work looked ok, so no real clue as to why the high fever, but we are treating with antibiotics just in case the blood or urine cultures grow anything. Argh. I felt so much better KNOWING it was a bladder infection.



Anonymous said...

Honestly, I never thought I would be so excited over poop, but in Riley's case, I am totally THRILLED!!!!!
Way to go Riley! I'm sure it probably felt very strange to him, since it is a new experience, but I bet his little tummy will feel a lot better now also. Glad to hear the infection is a simple one (if he had to have one at all), and that he will be better real soon. Probably that Foley, it happens sometimes with those.
Hope the rest of the day goes as great for you all, you all are so deserving of good news for a change!!!

Many Hugs to All,

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, so great to hear all the great progress Riley has made with the pooping. Hopefully, the bladder infection will clear up very soon. Baby Riley, enjoy your formula tomorrow. Keeping you in my prayers. Love you bunches, Pauline

Anonymous said...

way to go Riley, all i can think is to praise God for answered pray. Doris


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