Sunday, September 6, 2009

Typical Riley....

Update: As of 3:35am...they just got the results of his CBC and urinalysis back...he has a bladder infection. I hate that there is ANYTHING wrong with him, but between the options of bladder infection/sepsis/intestinal infection, I'll take a bladder infection anyday. Ampicillin has been ordered and that should get him feeling better soon. Shew! His CBC was excellent. Very good news. Means nothing else is brewing at the time. Gotta get him pooping, eating and get that line out of him.

Riley has spiked a fever of 102.5(rectally) tonight. His nurse is preparing to draw blood and urine cultures. It's likely this is an infection, is just a matter of what kind and where. He has that central line, so it could easily be the culprit which means sepsis, which is just nasty. And it could be something in his belly, which is no better. Please pray that this is just Riley being Riley, and just one more thing to worry his mommy with, and NOT actual infection.
And needless to say, the deja vu of this situation is overwhelming me at the moment. :o(


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