Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've said it before...

but this kid is a ROCK STAR!!!

The majority of the day looked like this:

See all that green goo in the tube? Thats the not so great stuff. It's expected, but not great.

So far, as of right now, he has pooped 4 times today!! He doesn't seem like it bothers him too much, which is good because doesn't pain him so far at least.

Late this afternoon, he went from being quiet/lethargic/sullen to actually taking some interest in his toys, and making some little coo's at people.

And I even got a quick, small smile out of him! I am hopeful this means he's turned a corner in his recovery.

And see that same tube behind his head now? Not green anymore! Yay!

In fact, he was feeling so much better, that you'll see the issue I had trying to make a picture for Travis. I did this same thing this morning, and he never touched the paper. Look at him just a few minutes ago....

Travis, he's supposed to be holding the paper that says "Travis, I love you!" so that you could read it, but he wouldn't completely cooperate :o). But Riley and I love you VERY much and MISS you very much!! You keep being a good boy.



Anonymous said...

I Miss You Riley and Mommy!!! And I Love You!!!!!

Love Travis

Cindy said...

AWWWWW such good brothers!

Jenny Regan in CHapel Hill said...

Lindsey, YOU are a rock star too! You are brave and dedicated and go like the energizer bunny. No wonder Riley has so much fight in him!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

So good that Riley slept all night. Today will be a smile, laugh and play day for sweet little Riley I just know! Love you, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Oh Lindsey, I am so glad to see his smile back and that he was interested in some toys. I hope he will have a good day today. Love, Debbie and Gary

Carter Myers said...

Dear Riley-

Pooping is great. I do it all the time. Wait until you poop on the one they call daddy. That's the best. Let's schedule a playdate soon. My people will call your people.



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