Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who knew getting a baby to eat would be so difficult

Well. The constant progress on the feeds had to come to an end at some point right? NO WAY we could breeze through it ALL. ARGH

Riley did not do well with his bottling yesterday. He was just too sleepy. PLUS he lost about 25 grams last night. This is just under an ounce. While he's a "big boy" in the sense that he's not a tiny little preemie, so weight-loss isn't AS big an issue for him, he still hasn't GAINED any weight since prior to the weekend.

Todays plan was a jumbled up mess of a situation that I won't go into the details of because the more I talk about it, the less and less sense it makes and I'm just ANGRY about the whole situation. But they DID start him on a high calorie formula for (supposedly) 2 feeds a day, although he's got it at every feed since. Thus part of my frustration, but I digress. The first feed, he just gulped it down and I joked that he had NO loyalties towards Mommy's milk. well, either he heard me, or he DOES have loyalties because he hasn't wanted hardly any of that formula since. Oops. AND he's spitting up what they tube him. So today is a day of ZERO progress as was yesterday. They said a week to 10 days they think he will come home, but NOT if we keep having days like THIS. So no, I do NOT have much patience for this wishy washy, no body really knows whats going on MESS. Days like THIS increase that 7-10 days by one more day. And while YES, compared to how long it's been, that is not saying a lot. But it SURE means a lot to ME.

Rant over now.


Anonymous said...

Baby Riley, Don't give up...drink your milk so you will get big and strong. I'm praying that you will have a better day tomorrow with your feeds. God Bless, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Take deep breaths, and keep the faith. Riley is probably still not back to being himself yet, after having the broviac removed. He will start doing well with his feedings again real soon. As soon as his tummy starts pinching, he will be fussing for those bottles. Hoping he sleeps well tonight, and wakes up hungry in the morning. Blessings to all, and hugs for "sweet cheeks",
PS. In the picture you posted, Riley didn't look yellow at all.

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

AAACKK!!!! I know exactly how you feel and you just want to go to the rooftop and scream. Sorry Riley had a bad day. I'm telling you that we need to keep the conversations between him and Carter under control. I think they planned this all out while they were roomies. Good luck tomorrow! Remember that it's just one day at a time for these boys.

Anonymous said...

I hope the feeding is going better. Riley, be good. :) Thinking of you all, Love, Debbie


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