Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The view from here...

This is how he's been ALL.DAY.LONG.
He was awake all night last night..had broviac removed today...plus tylenol...all this has made him a very sleepy baby today. Sure is cute though.


Anonymous said...

Poor little baby Riley...sleep, baby Riley, sleep. Just breaks my heart to tears...so sweet and cute! Love you so much, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Baby Riley, You sure do look sweet sleeping. Rest up so you can entertain all your nurses tonight. Hope Riley stays comfortable, and maybe he will fool you, and just snooze all night. He sure is a precious and handsome little guy. God bless you and keep you safe cute stuff!
Love and Hugs, Dale

Anonymous said...

So glad to see ya'll are doing well! Miss you soooooo much (Carter said he misses Riley too).
-Nurse Lindzie


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