Monday, January 26, 2009

Some pictures

Riley is still doing good. He got to go to Pauline's today, who will keep him when Jay and I are both working. Jay will be staying home with him after this week though, until he finds a new job. Pauline and Riley got along great, and my number one hint on dealing with him was helpful she said. That hint being "watch the clock, because he won't give you ANY warning he's hungry, until he's starving and frenzied and screaming". Sure enough, he was looking all innocent and sleeping this morning and then at the 2 hour mark on the dot practically, his eyes shot open and he was screaming. He's so sneaky.

Travis enjoyed having a half week off of school last week and another long weekend this weekend. He got to spend lots of time with Riley here at home last week and that just thrilled him. He really wants Riley to go to school for show and tell soon, but we are nervous about it being cold season. We'll see how that plays out.

Some pictures!

Riley's tiny little hospital bed!!

Looking cute (him NOT me) even when dehydrated!

Travis' new favorite thing to do

Oh my be soooo big, sometimes he still seems soooo little! My cutey little cub-scout


michelle said...

I love the cub scout picture! I am so glad that Riley is out of that hospital crib and back home where he belongs!

Anonymous said...

Travis, I love your cub scout picture. Yes, Riley finally got to come to Mama's house. He did very well. So sweet. Happy moments for us all. God Bless, Pauline

Anonymous said...

What a handsome Cub Scout Travis makes, and Riley looks as pleased as can be in his brothers arms. So happy things are going well at home, and I know Pauline is thrilled to get Riley alone for some "sugar time"
Happy wishes and blessings to all!

Fer said...

So cute! Even when he's sick ;)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I love the picture of Riley and Travis together. How sweet! Travis, I really like your cub scout picture. Glad Riley is back home and I know Travis is thrilled that he is with Riley now. Take care, Debbie and Gary


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