Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a note..

The next time you are at a McDonalds, and they ask you if you'd like to donate a dollar to the Ronald McDonald House today...please say yes. Because of donations like these, our family had a safe,clean place to stay for over 2 months that was low cost. Many families would not be able to stay with their sick children if it wasn't for a RMH nearby. So next time you are asked, please think of Riley and say yes. Its only a dollar, but those dollars really add up to make a difference. When they ask us what name to write on the balloon, we said Riley.

So now you know we just stoppped at MCDonalds on our ride up to Duke. Pediatric GI appointment today and surgeon appointment tomorrow. He's sound asleep beside me other than some cute little chipmunky noises occasionally.


Anonymous said...

You better believe I will think of baby Riley and donate dollars in his sweet name. Thinking of you and baby Riley today and tomorrow and praying the doctor appoointments go well. Love you, Pauline

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!! I will email this to all of my prayer partners at emmaus and at church. Total of over 3000!!! And get everyone to put Riley on theirs. Wouldn't it be great to see RILEY on over 3000 of the little slips.Thinking of you all.
Barbara, Joe, Courtney & Grace

Anonymous said...

We have done this and will continue to do this in honor of Riley and other families and their children. Love, Debbie and Gary


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