Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scenes from Monster Jam

Yesterday, Riley suddenly began running a fever, being lethargic, and had a runny nose. Pretty much all day and evening, he laid on the couch, covered in a blanket, watching TV (ok...Cars, he watched Cars, repeatedly). He was really pitiful, but also bothering us was this: he didn't know we had a surprise planned for him today! And we were not only worired about him being sick, but wether or not he would feel well enough to go oun our little adventure today. This morning, he woke up, fever free so we decided to go for it. His fever returned later, but he was a trooper. Plus, allergies seemed to decend up us today, so that didn't help matters.

So....this morning, we had the boys get dressed, picked up Wreck it Ralph and Hotel Transylvania from Redbox for the ride to Raleigh and back, and off we went. They had NO clue where we were going. Travis figured things out when we got to the PNC Arena, as he saw lots of people walking with ear muff things, and knew we had just bought some also (he has been to a monster truck show before), but Riley was still clueless. Once inside, when he saw the trucks...he almost cried. He really really did. And not from fear, but from happiness. You see, if you don't know Riley well, then you don't know this...Riley LOVES Monster Trucks!!! Which is why we made this little excursion today.

He didn't complain at all about wearing the ear muffs and his eyes were glued to the floor the entire time. There were 6 monster trucks, some 4wheelers and 3 motorcycles in a cage at one time to see. Both boys really enjoyed the show, as did we.

And now, I present to you...scenes from the monster truck show. Photography by Travis!!

 Going into the show...Monster Mutt (above) was Riley's favorite truck. But soon, we all really liked Max D (below).

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I know you had one tired little boy and one tired big boy. From the pictures, I know Riley must have just been in awe the whole time. So glad you could all have a fun day. Love, Pauline


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