Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Riding a horse, chasing trains, shootin' squirrels and other adventures

Riley was very timid about brushing Montana, but has talked about doing it several times since

Look at that big boy riding all by himself!

My sweet country boys

Riley was swinging on this swing, and then we heard the train horn blow..and he just threw himself off the swing to go see it!

And there it is! We stood right by the track and felt the wind from it as it went by.

There was a little bit of squirrel hunting. Thankfully, no one shot a squirrel. The kids were set on eating it if they did shoot one.

The boys had an exploderz fight, and after Jay attacked the big boys with his airsoft gun, Riley came strutting back with Travis' exploderz gun. This picture makes me laugh. Riley looks like he is on a mission!!

And what is probably my favorite picture...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like your boys had a fun-filled weekend full of great adventures! Love, Pauline


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