Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy 4th Riley Day!

Today is Riley's 4th Riley Day! This is the day that he finally came home from the hospital. We still celebrate it, at least in name, although I am sure I will cook him his very favorite dinner tonight and bake cookies in celebration.

On this 4th Riley Day, I finally submitted his NEC story to an online support community of people who have/have had NEC babies. Every year I try and every year I fail, but not this year!  It is a very hard thing to write the story of your child's life in so many words. But a group that I am a part of has had lots of deaths of NEC babies recently and very rarely is there mention of someone with the success Riley has had. So hopefully his story, although long and full of tangents, can bring someone hope.

The very first Riley day! Yep, he is Custom Built!

The 2nd Riley day

The 3rd Riley Day

And how Riley is today, or this past weekend at least ;)


Anonymous said...

Can't help but tear up when I just think of Riley's first 4 months at Duke. But then, I smile with delight when I see him playing, running and doing all little boy things! Love you all, Pauline

Dale Budd said...

Nothing short of a miracle for sure! He is such a beautiful child, and his smile can light up the world!!! Bless you always Riley!!!


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