Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec 9

Today, we decided to take the boys to Mayfaire, to see the Budweiser Clydesdale hitch team. Riley just LOVES horses, so I knew he would love it, and thought it would be cool for Travis also.

First, we had to pick the boys up at my parents, then we decided to grab McDonalds for lunch real quick. While in the drivethrough, I happened to look out my window, and I saw this:

Aaaah! They were going to get there early!  We tried to chase them down on the highway to get in front of them, but it just took too long to get our food. We pulled in just as they did. There were three trucks in all, two that had horses in it (4 horses each), and one that had the wagon, the pooper scoopers golf cart and other equipment.

Out came the wagon.

They opened the side doors to the horse trailers.

Finally, the first horse came out. He was beautiful!

One by one, they brought out the other horses:

The horses were tied off to the truck, and then a man would quickly groom them (which involved lots of baby powder).

While that was happening to one horse, the horse that had just been groomed, was harnessed up.

Then, it was walked down and hitched to the wagon, one by one, until all 8 horses were hitched up.

While all that happened, the kiddos got to meet Brewer.

Finally, they were all hitched up, and ready to go.

After they went for a stroll, we were able to catch up with them and get a up close picture of sorts.

It was a lot of fun seeing them. The boys loved it and talked about the horses on the ride home.

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