Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec 8

Today was Travis' Stride 5K race. I was supposed to run with him, but life had other plans this week. The first thing I told the doctor when I went to get my heel checked out on Wednesday, was "I am supposed to run a 5K with my son on Saturday". And the first thing I said when he told me my heel was fractured was "can I still run the 5K Saturday". Of course, he said no, that the goal would be to stay off of it as much as possible so it can heal up quickly, hopefully only 3 weeks (the staying off of it hasn't worked out so well so far, although I have not run on it). So...since I couldn't run it, our friend Jay offered to run it with Travis. Travis has to have an adult out on the course with him, or he can't participate. This is one of his very favorite activities, so I am so thankful that he didn't have to miss out on this!

Before the race

Out at the starting line, waiting.

I love this picture. This is when the wave they were in , moved forward to wait for their start. I am guessing that Travis was heckling Jay about keeping up with him or some other silliness.

A little while later, we can see Travis making his return!

There he is!


Next came Jay

After the race

Both of them did really well!

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Anonymous said...

Way To Go Travis! Proud of you! Love, "Mama"


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