Monday, May 21, 2012

Swim Lessons

Riley began his swim lessons today at UNCW.  We were nervous about how he was going to handle the situation, but he did great! He would tell his coach "no, I don't want to" when they would ask him if he was ready to get in the water, etc. But they just ignored that and eased him on into the water anyway! And he was perfectly fine with it! Other kids were screaming and trying to run away, so a I consider a little bit of disagreeableness a success!

His favorite thing though, was to sit on the wall and kick his feet.

He will do this every morning for the next two weeks. He is excited to go back!


Anonymous said...

Swim Riley Swim!! "Mama" is so proud of you! You will be ready to go swimming with Sandra and Travis! Love you, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Go, Riley! Annaleigh saw you in the water and she said she wants to go swimming too. Love, Debbie, Gary,and Annaleigh


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