Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to Rhode Island!

Why the heck did we go to Rhode Island you ask? Well, Jay (aka the hubby) was born and raised in Rhode Island up till age 19. Then he and his parents moved down to NC (his dad was stationed here in the Marines). Jay and Travis last went up to visit in 2007...I had not been since 2005 (which was the trip forever known as when Lindsey broke her back) and Riley had never been. Jay's grandmother was unable to come visit for Christmas, so we decided to go visit her. Travis had a long weekend out of school, so we left on Friday and returned on Tuesday. It is a 14 hour drive each way. The boys did great going on, although there was a moment about 3 hours into the drive where Riley said "can we just go home now?" that put a little fear in us! But he did fine the whole time. He never even napped! The ride home...well, that was a different story. First of all, Travis got car sick in New York City of all places, and then, Jay just happened to take a wrong exit and poor old Leonia, NJ got puked on by Trav! He was fine the rest of the ride after that. Then, in Maryland, Riley decided it was his turn (he still randomly pukes occasionally) but his went EVERYWHERE. Yuck. All in all, it was a fun trip, and was good to see everyone! The best part was that the morning after our arrival, several inches of snow fell! The boys got to happily play in the snow and sled.

You guessed it...lots of pictures!

My can no longer tell what it is!

Riley in his snowpants, waiting to go out and play in the snow

The two little southern boys!

Travis, Riley, Brittnie and Sami (quick to become best buds!)

Riley and Brittnie were like peas and carrots (he has missed her immensely!)

Why yes, that IS Camo he is wearing!

Can you tell my hair is frozen?

Can you see us?

Travis and Sami-double trouble!

The airport is really close. Riley loved seeing all the planes go by!

Let's go find a hill!

See the Warwick water tower? (or as people there say..."Wahwick" know, Yankees and their "R"s :D )

I was wishing I had brought my snowpants! (at least I did bring my snow boots!)


The snow was knee deep on him!

We went to lunch one day at Iggy's (Clamcakes and Chowdah of course!) It is on Narragansett Bay.

We had lobster for dinner


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! I am so jealous of all that snow!!! Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh

Anonymous said...

Love the snow pictures! But, it just looks too cold for me! I'm so glad that the boys got to play in the snow while in Rhode Island. Love, Pauline


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