Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Athlete

Travis is such an athelete. He is in the thick of basketball season, is starting back into Golf, and has just begun a baseball skills clinic, every Sunday afternoon for 8 weeks! Baseball season will begin near the end of that. He is still running, wanting to run another 5K, and overall, I just get exhausted THINKING of all the physical activity he takes part in every week! But he loves it.

Usually, I don't take my camera to his basketball games, because space is an issue in the bleachers, Riley is usually in my lap, and the lighting is bad in the gym, so it isn't worth the hassle. But, since Riley has been sick, he stayed at home with Mema this past Saturday, so I decided to take my camera. The lighting was still bad, but I got a few cute action shots.

Like this one: You can barely see the top of Travis' head in the back, but I loved how he shot the ball, and time stood still as they all stopped and watched it go to the basket (where it went in!)

Here he comes!

He shoots and scores again!

This picture made me laugh when I saw it, because it looks like the kids are somewhat lined up behind him!

After his baseball clinic on Sunday, modeling his new batting helmet (his old one was too small), and he also got new cleats (not pictured) and...his favorite, a new bat! His first ever composite bat. He is thrilled!


Anonymous said...

Way to go ball!! "Mama" is so proud of you! Love, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Good going Travis on your basketball scores!! You are quite an athlete! Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh


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