Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec 9 & 10: Run run Reindeer...

No post last night. Jay and I went out for the night! But I will make up for it with tonight's hopefully!

Today, 10 long weeks of training were put to the test for Travis. He ran his very first 5K race! He has been training, through his school, in a program called Stride. It teaches the boys all about building good character, and they train for a 5k in the process.

Today, was race day. We had to be there at 7am. Travis was VERY excited (as in bouncing off the walls, had lost his mind excited!). Riley...well, he was not nearly as excited to be up so early!

Travis ran with our friend (and my coworker) Marcus and his son Colvet (who is also 9). Every child had to have an adult running buddy, and Marcus volunteered to be Travis'!

Here the 3 of them are, posing one last time before going to the starting line:

There were 912 runners!

And they are off!

About a 1/2 hour later....

Insert me screaming and yelling Go Travis!!!!! here!

There he goes:

Travis looks at the clock as he gets to the finish line:

Colvet and Marcus are right behind him!

I love this! Colvet threw his hands up the air in celebration as he finished!

They did it!

Travis' fan club (plus Jay and I also of course!)

Trav's official time 30:46. He was 146 out of 912 runners, overall and 16 out of 57 in his age group! We are SO proud of him!

After we got home, Travis went out to his little garden and picked some carrots!

Oh, and this morning, Travis found Pistachio like this:

Other recent Pistachio antics:he turned our milk red, he emptied Travis' sock and underwear drawer and scatter them all over Travis' room, he sat on our Santa's lap, we found him dangling from our pot rack one morning, and he was found riding the train in our village.

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Anonymous said...

Way To Go Travis!! "Mama" is so proud of you too! I wasn't there, but I was thinking of you. Love you, "Mama"


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