Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 12 & 13: oops

So...I took a picture last night and didn't get it uploaded. My fault.

Tonight, however, I did NOT take any pictures. Physical therapy yesterday has kicked my bootay, and my arm and shoulder are killing me, and the thought of lifting my camera was too much. I realize that sounds really wimpy but I promise, I am really not a wimp!

Anyway, I'll share last nights pics and then a few others from our beach pictures on Sunday that are cute to make up for it!

Last night, while Jay and Travis were at scouts, I taught Riley about the magic that is Candy Land. He loved it! He picked up on how to play right away, and away we went. He and I played twice, and he beat me both times! He was so funny when it was his turn to pick a card. He would put it right up to my face (nearly touching my nose) and say what was on it, expecting me to look at it. It was so close, I had to cross my eyes to see it! "TWO pup-puls mommy!! I move two pup-puls!" and my personal favorite...."lell-lo" (yellow). He chose the "lell-lo" man for himself, and became slightly distressed that there was no "pink for Mommy" man. Finally, he chose red for me, telling me "you haft to be red mommy. there is no pink one. you haft to be red".

This is SO Riley right now...

I could stare at those smiles, all day long!

I love living at the beach!


Anonymous said...

Love the black and white picture of Travis and Riley! Two sweet boys. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Love seeing those handsome, smiling boys!! Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh


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