Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend excitement.

Before I get to the longest lasting excitement of our weekend, I HAVE to share this story about Riley and Travis:

Saturday afternoon, Riley and Travis were playing in Travis' room. Travis has a little pumpkin on the top of his dresser. Riley apparently decided he needed that pumpkin, and began to CLIMB Travis' dresser.

The result? The heavy, solid wood dresser, fell over on him. But his quick thinking AWESOME big brother, saw what was happening and DOVE underneath the dresser and held it up off of Riley, while screaming for help from Jay. The dresser is way too heavy for Travis too (it's also full of clothes!), but he managed to save Riley.

Riley likely would have been very very injured had the dresser fell on him. Instead, he was just frightened from Travis' screaming. Not a scratch or bruise on him (from this incident at least! Boys...). Travis was very upset about it all, as he knew how badly Riley almost got hurt, but he did a GREAT thing! We are so proud of him.

After all of THAT excitement, they went outside to play, and wait for me to get home. As I was off on a mission to get a new addition for our family....

Meet Cobie!

She is a 6.5 week old, purebred Golden Retriever. We are keeping Misty. Not sure why that is such a hot question, but just so there is no confusion, Misty is going nowhere! For those of you , who are "new" to our family, you may not realize that we had a Golden Retriever named Ginger for 9 years. From the age of 6 weeks, until 9.5 years when she passed away. She was the non-human love of my life, and I will never forget her, nor will any other dog ever replace her.

From Ginger, we learned what a FABULOUS breed Golden Retrievers are, and we swore we would always have one. The loss of her came so sudden that I found myself unable to even think about another Golden for a long long time. But, finally I began to not just miss Ginger, but the kind of affection that Ginger gave. And began to long for another Goldie. And now, we have one! I couldn't bear to have one that looked too similar to Ginger though, at least not right now still, so I looked for a lighter colored one. Saturday, I went on a little roadtrip to check out a litter of beautiful, blond Golden Puppies and came home with little Miss Cobie. The boys are thrilled. She has been so sweet and playful with us all. We are looking forward to a doggy lifetime of happiness with her!
Enjoy some pictures of my Cobie girl!

Golden Retriever smiles...oh how I have missed those:


Debbie and Gary said...

Oh, Lindsey, I am so thankful that Travis was able to save Riley from getting hurt. I know your family will enjoy Cobie. She's a very cute puppy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lindsey, I couldn't help tearing up over Riley's longing for that little pumpkin and the resulting sooooo heroic act of Travis saving Riley from getting crushed. That's filled with compassion. I know you all will enjoy "little girly Cobie"!! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Golden retreivers make for wonderful pets. Our kids grew up with Rusty - he was a saint of a golden retriever for all the kids put him through. They would rough house, play ball, and dress him up. He was patient, never snapped or growled and was watchful over the kids.


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