Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall means Pumpkins!

I love Fall. It is without a doubt, my favorite season. The cool air, after a long hot summer. But even more than that...I love pumpkins! Truly, I would have them everywhere. Hopefully one year, we can get the planting right to have a true pumpkin patch of our own, so that I can display pumpkins EVERYWHERE! But for now, our front porch will have to do!

Todays visit to the pumpkin patch was a little bit of a challenge, because Riley had not had a nap, and he really really needed one! But, we made the best of it! (kudos to Travis for having to deal with his crabby brother!)

Riley promptly threw these two little beauties onto our wagon right after this picture.

Not so found of this grin...which is tough, because it is his current standard "mommy has the camera out smile".

Once we got home, Little Miss Cobie was all interested in what was going on.

She can go up. But she can't come down.

And then, she began to chew on the stems!!

Riley wanted me to take a picture of him and Cobie, with the pumpkins. Neither of them would sit still!


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! My how those boys are growing up. And I do love seeing Cobie in the pictures also. Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Cute pumpkin pictures of Travis and Riley! And oh, cute pictures of Miss Cobie with the pumpkins too! Love, Pauline


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