Saturday, June 4, 2011

“Winning is nice if you don't lose your integrity in the process.”

That quote really stuck with me today. Travis played in the Rookie Tournament baseball championship game today. His team was the regular season champions. Our boys practiced hard, played hard, and had a GREAT season (12-2). They showed good sportsmanship towards other teams, and our coaches did as well. I would rather lose every game we play, but be good sports about it, than taunt others, or have coaches who do like some other coaches we have seen.

Our boys lost today.

Our boys didn't taunt other boys.
Our coaches didn't heckle other players.
Our parents were respectful.

The other team won today, and won the championship, but our boys still have their integrity. I would rather them have that, than a bigger trophy.

Travis had a great season this season. He did a great job at 3rd base. He had great hits. He is nominated for the Rookie Allstar team. We are extremely proud of him. He is proud of himself. He is old enough now to see the things and hear the things I wish we could shield him from. But we can't. But HE knows how to play with integrity, win with integrity and lose with integrity. So does the rest of our team. And THAT is something to be proud of.

We were at the ballpark ALL day today. Twelve hours to be exact . First, was Travis' game. Then, a school party for the majority of the afternoon. Shortly after that ended, was closing ceremonies, so we hung out and watched the Majors game. Then closing ceremonies, THEN a coaches softball game. What a riot that was! Jay played in it, very excitedly. It was so funny listening to the kids of these coaches yell their own words back at them. Very humbling for the coaches too, I am sure! I laughed so hard and much, that my side is sore now!


Debbie and Gary said...

Way to go on your baseball games this season, Travis!!!

Anonymous said...

Travis, "Mama" is so proud of you! You have become such a good baseball player. Nice trophies. Congratulations! Love you, "Mama"


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