Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making a splash

So we have a pool. You know, the kind you can swim in? But sometimes, you have a little guy who wants to get wet and you don't want to go in the pool (like when the pump/filter isn't running so the water is less than clean!). So then, its time for the baby pool. We picked this pool up about 4 years ago for about $4.00 on clearance. It has been used many times, and as you can see, we are STILL getting our $4.00 worth out of it!


Get Set!


Travis had just as much fun as Riley in the little pool!


Anonymous said...

Looks like two boys had lots of fun splashing in the pool! Love, Pauline

Debbie and Gary said...

Annaleigh can't wait to play in the water with you this summer.


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