Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Have I mentioned my love of overalls previously? Overalls and little boys, to be more specific? Long/short/denim/corduroy, I'm not particular. I love them. And if you scroll back through my pictures, you will likely notice overalls/shortalls on Riley several times. If you could see Travis' baby/toddler pictures, you'd see them even more!

So for the love of overalls, and country boys...I present to you....Riley Bear.

This is the look, of "I'm about to stand up Mommy"

So...we moved down to the lower step. You and all. Except now, he is determined to stand. And I am repeatedly saying "No Riley, sit on your bottom. Sit down Riley".
Which results in his standing up anyway....but not looking at me.
Exhibit A:

After I force him to sit back down, he gives me this grin, just before....standing back up again

So we gave up on pictures, and went to check the mail instead!

Speaking of overalls...THESE overalls were hand picked by....Grandaddy! Who took Riley on not one, but THREE pony rides.


Anonymous said...

I surely do like Riley in "Overalls"! So cute! Lindsey, I love "Overalls" too. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Love those overalls on Riley. I had some on Annaleigh yesterday. Makes little ones so cute, doesn't it? Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh

Anonymous said...

Riley is getting to be SO BIG! He looks so cute - healthy and happy.


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