Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. Baseball

I realized that I have not made any mention of Travis playing baseball this fall. Well, he is playing, and in fact, the fall season is almost over. Its tough to take decent pictures at his games because of the fence, and truthfully, after a while, all the pictures begin to look the same. But I took some pictures this past Saturday. Fall ball is more relaxed, and the kids get to play all sorts of different positions. So instead of just Catcher and 3rd base, like he played in the Spring, he is playing Catcher, shortstop, 3rd base, 2nd base, 1st base and occasionally an outfield position. He really enjoys the change of pace, but says he wouldn't want to give up playing catcher.

Here he is, playing catcher(had to get on him about that right arm not being behind his back...that's an injury waiting to happen!):

Big Hitter! I have to admit...I am so proud when I hear the opposing coaches tell their players to back up when Travis is up to bat! He has had some REALLY big hits.

Playing 1st base

Here comes the ball (his buddy Holden is in the blue, about to run to 2nd!):

He has the ball and running to the bag:

Here comes the runner:

Travis so has this!

Almost there, and look at that...he's looking to make a double play:


Sigh...have I already mentioned how much I enjoy watching him play ball? He also caught a pop-fly during this game.

His efforts have earned him 2 "game balls" this season so far. Basically, that means he was the MVP of those games!

Way to go buddy!! We are so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Travis! I loved watching you play baseball last Saturday. Keep playing baseball! Love, "Mama" PS Lindsey, I know you are so very proud of Travis!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Travis! I am so glad you are doing so well with baseball. Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh


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