Monday, August 2, 2010

Still here!

We are still here! My lack of posting hasn't meant anything is wrong. We have just been busy! And other than baseball camp for Travis, its just been busy with everyday summertime life. Swimming in the pool, going boating and trying to stay cool. I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, because its been the same stuff over and over. But here are a few recent ones:
Riley got a new "puddle jumper" life jacket to use in our pool. He LOVES it, and he now kicks himself about wherever he wants to go with it on.

He has FINALLY decided that juice is not a dirty word, and will drink it, somewhat willingly. Here, he is protesting "juice".

Hmmm, what does Bubba have?

Misty was recently spayed. Which was not so great for her :). But Riley, REALLY enjoyed her post-anesthesia stupor. He loves to pet her, but usually she is too busy to sit still for him to pet her. Not this day!

He stayed with her for a long time, petting her, and then letting me know she was being good..." gurl"

Travis is has finished all of his camps and scheduled activities for summer, other than our upcoming vacation. We have gone school supply shopping, and he is excited about 3rd grade. He is fishing every chance he gets, and when he's not fishing, he is thinking about fishing! He looks so cute with his missing teeth also, but the new teeth are rapidly coming in.

Riley is growing like crazy. He is talking endlessly now, and is saying up to three word sentences. He is such a little sponge! He is ALL about some hotwheels cars and monster trucks and trains. If it has wheels, he loves it. He also likes to read books and play outside and in the pool. He is doing great with his belly issues, and has relatively few issues, as long as he gets his medications when he should, and doesn't eat a lot of really sweet stuff (like icing). His issues are for the most part, very easily controlled. Then again, we are so use to it, that we don't remember life any other way! He is very social with people he is comfortable with, and sometimes strangers as well. His hair is also growing like crazy now, and its apparent how much poor nutrition kept it from growing earlier on. It curls up around his ears now and I just love that!


Anonymous said...

Love seeing Travis and Riley having so much fun! A very busy summer is quickly coming to an end. Misty sure has grown! Keep the pictures coming. Love to all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of the boys and of Misty. They're all growing!!! Love, Debbie and Gary and Annaleigh


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