Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swimming and Football?

Travis has been in swim lessons these past 2 weeks. He last took lessons when he was 4, through a local gym. He has been able to make it across a pool for sometime now, but really struggled if he wasn't swimming entirely underwater. Since a pool now sits in our backyard, we felt it was worth a refresher. We signed him up for lessons through UNCW. And WOW, what a difference. I highly, highly recommend that program. You should see Travis swim now! And all the kids in his group made amazing progress. It was probably the longest hour of his day these past two weeks, they REALLY work those kids. But it was WELL worth the money for the instruction he got there. He really enjoyed it, after being kind of grumpy about having to go in the beginning. I think the young, college girls (UNCW Swim team members)that were his instructors helped his attitude improve some too! When Riley turns 3, he will begin to take lessons there also.

Riley the football player???
One of the things we were told about Riley's future, from his surgeon, is that heavy contact sports is not advised for him, with his medical history. That means, no football. Basketball could be too rough also. If he played baseball, or soccer, he will need to wear a chest/abdomen protector most likely. Swimming sounds like a nice, safe sport!! But Riley has taken a liking to football. I know, I know, he isn't even two yet, who knows what he will like when he is older. But for now, he likes football. And will "go long" so we can throw the ball for him to get. And then will throw it from up over his shoulder. And he bends over and hikes it through his legs! As tough as he is, he would probably make one heck of a player!

Time to make a pass



He went to get the ball (go long he says), and is now going to throw it back to me (it hit my camera!)

Future Heisman Trophy winner?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Travis with swimming. Super!! Way to go Riley with playing football!! Two sweet boys. Love you Travis and Riley. Love, "Mama"

*super dude* said...

Riley will do what Riley wants to do and I doubt he cares what Dr. H has to say about it! :)

I'm very impressed with Travis' swimming skills. They are much better than mine!

Jenny Regan in Chapel Hill said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like Travis has learned quite a bit about swimming skills. Good for him! Riley is just such a cutie, he's got his own little mind! Love, Debbie and Gary


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