Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Worth every penny, and all the hard work too!

The boys enjoyed the pool for the first time tonight (with it being fully setup)

Can you hear it?

The laughter...can you hear it?

No? Hmmm, maybe in a minute.

Riley, the daredevil, lifted his arms up in the air and said "up!"

Your starting to hear it now aren't you?

"Me out" (he wanted out of his boat, and then UP!)

He's fearless I tell you

Yep...the laughter made every penny, every ounce of sweat, every sore muscle ALL worth it.


Anonymous said...

Awwww Lindsey, I know all the laughter and smiles made your day! Loved all the pictures and seeing all those smiles! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! Looks like there was lots of fun in the pool! Love, Debbie and Gary


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