Sunday, June 13, 2010

Travis turns 8!

Today was Travis' 8th birthday!! We are celebrating it next weekend, because he wants another beach/boat party, and the tide wasn't right this weekend for that. But we tried to make his actual birthday weekend a fun one all the same.

Yesterday, we went out for a little boat ride and spent a little while on a spoil island. We took Misty along for the adventure also. She seemed to like it!

Riley enjoyed his brother's birthday weekend also!

And like his brother, many summers before him, at the same age, took a nice nap, under an umbrella, on a beach only accessible by boat.

We had a few presents at home this morning, which Travis liked

and then went to see the new Karate Kid movie, which he loved!
Tonight, was his requested dinner ("stuffed shells") and dessert (Chocolate chip cookies, although, while at the store, he also wanted to buy a small little cake!)
Riley was so happy it was Travis' birthday!

Travis said he had a great day, and has his party to look forward to, next weekend!


Dale Budd said...

Happy Birthday Travis! Sure looks like you all had a really great day! Even Misty seemed to enjoy it, (she got so big). Riley seemed to like playing in the sand, and he looked so cute sleeping, (holding his spare paci!) I love your summer haircut, Travis, and I can't believe you are 8 already. Enjoy your party next weekend. I'm sure you will have a blast!

Many Hugs!
Mom-Mom Dale

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how fast the years go! Travis, I hope you had a very Happy 8th Birthday! I can't wait until we celebrate your party next weekend. Love you and Riley, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Travis!!!!

Anonymous said...

Travis, it looks as if you had a great birthday "day". Can't wait to see you over the weekend. You're getting so big and it's hard to believe you are 8! Love, Debbie and Gary


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