Monday, May 24, 2010

My two little heroes

My kids, both of them, are my heroes. Truly. Riley, just for surviving, and being the sweet boy he is (although quite rotten and stubborn all at the same time). And Travis...well, just for surviving also. And being the sweet boy that he is (and for NOT being as stubborn as his brother, haha). They are so different from each other, but I wouldn't trade them for anything else in the world.

Travis had a baseball game on Saturday. We played the team that we dislike playing (us adults that is). The coaches act worse than ANY of the children, and they cheated at the beginning of the season to give themselves an unfair advantage. It's not the kids on their teams fault, but playing them, is disheartening. Especially when you see it affect the kids on our team, who have worked so hard. Saturdays game was pretty awful though. In the big leagues, rough contact maybe acceptable, but come ON, these are little kids. The opposing team rammed our kids, shoved them, and hurt our players several times. Mostly on purpose. And their coaches? They cheered them and complimented their kids for such bad sportsmanship. Travis got hurt TWICE Saturday, once only a little, but once pretty bad. Thankfully, for everyone involved, NEITHER time was on purpose by the other team. I have NO patience for that mess, but can control myself when its not involving my kid for the most part.

Travis plays catcher the majority of the time now, and our last time fielding, A player hit a foul ball, that shot right back at Travis, who stood to catch it, and it popped him in his bicep. HARD. So hard, he dropped right down to the ground and coaches from both sides came running. I was clinging to the fence watching and listening. Then, do you know what my brave boy did? He stood up, and played for 4 more players. Then he had to call time and go sit down. He had a HUGE swollen bruise on his arm, and just couldn't take it anymore. But our other catcher had already gotten hurt (on purpose by the other team), and Travis was trying to hang in there since we only have two catchers. The boy who was sitting out that inning, was asked to play catcher, and he normally doesn't AND he wears glasses, so Travis was fretting over him being ok. I sat in the dug out, as long as he'd let me, and held ice on his arm. He has a bad bruise, but no broken bones thankfully. It was a really hard hit. I am so proud of him for being brave enough to continue to try and play!!

And here is a series of pictures showing Riley being Riley...
We marked off the area for our pool today

Riley decided to head towards the intriguing orange flags (that is his face after he has been told no, but he's going to do whatever it is anyway)

there he goes

What's that? Don't touch this

Mine now! (notice the face still)

And away he goes, holding his prize

Can you drink milk like this?


Anonymous said...

That little Riley is such a little "stinker", but I love every little bit of him!! Travis, you played such a good baseball game last Saturday...what a good sport you are. "Mama" is so proud of you for being so strong and brave. Lindsey, you indeed have "two little heroes". Love, Pauline

Jenny Regan in Chapel Hill said...

I wish this blog had a "LIKE" button like FB does! Like like like like like! (But a DO NOT LIKE button for that other baseball team. I'm steamed just reading about it!)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I surely agree that you have two little heroes. Love the pictures and that Riley is something else. :) Love, Debbie and Gary


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