Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Helping himself

We have recently done a little bit of remodeling/rearranging in our house. While there are still a few small details left to be done (like touch up paint), the majority of the work is over (yay!).

Jay moved our laundry area out into our garage (actually built a new room) and our old laundry room (that we can hardly believe now that we used to do laundry in) is now a pantry. Riley loves both new spaces.

Here he is in the pantry, newly stocked with food

Ooooh, there are the snacks!

I'll take one of these!

"nack!" he says so excitedly!

look how happy he is!

Jay said that the snacks probably need to be moved up higher to avoid this problem. However...notice that step stool in there? It will be staying...and if the snacks were higher, then Riley will be forced to climb that stool to get to them. If what he wants is low, hopefully, he will stay feet on the ground. (a mom can dream right?). There is also a door that can be shut ;o)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Riley loves his "nacks"!! Love, Pauline

Christie said...

I just love that last picture! He's so cute!


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