Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend photo mish mash

First off...Riley is doing ok. Of course, "ok" is somewhat fluid with him, and relative to the current situation, but he's home still, and nothing seems WORSE. His belly is still bothering him, but the oozing area on his incision looks better on the outside to us. He has ate decently (although very picky) and has been decently active. But cranky. Much more cranky than my usual Rileybear. He goes to Duke this week, so we will see what they have to say also. So that is an update on him. Everyone wants answers (including us!), but that's all I got. Welcome to our world with Riley :o)

Next up....Miss Misty
She is about 4 months old now.
She is kinda crazy.
She seems to be over her biting everything phase, although she still loves to tug on Travis' pants (think there is some dominance issues going on there).
She loves to play on the playset outside.

And she slides down the slide, without coaxing, its her preferred exit method

She is still a little thing (about 11 pounds) which is so different for us former big dog owners.

She is never too far away from us (although we did have to put her on the underground fence collar)

She adores my boys! (speaking of adoring...notice Travis pushing Riley? :o) )

And every boy should have a dog, right?

Riley had a little fun outside today in Travis' old powerwheel racecar. It is meant for toddlers ( is very, verrrrrry slow), but couldn't quite get the hang of the button to make it go, so as you can see above, Travis just pushed him around. Jay modified it a little tonight, to make it easier for Riley to push.
Eitherway, he loved riding in it!

And today, was (is?) my birthday, and birthday's mean cake right? My mom made me my favorite...strawberry cake with white icing and fresh strawberries on top (and some chopped up too with sugar...YUM)

And welcome to our after-dinner world! If it's not obvious, click on this picture to see the details better!

When Riley is done eating, and ready to get down, he gets frustrated. (the crankiness of his sore belly didn't help either) Frustration means tugging at his hair/ears. Whatever is on his hands transfers to hair. See?

Travis' baseball season begins this week. He is very VERY excited. Jay is planning to be an assistant coach, and I volunteered to be the team mom. So that makes Scouts/Baseball/Golf that Travis has going on! He's going to be a busy little guy!


Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday, Lindsey!!! Your cake looks and sounds totally delicious! I could almost taste those beautiful strawberries! So juicy looking!
Misty is so cute with the boys, especially the way she is loving up to Riley.
Surely hope Riley's belly heals quickly, and he feels better soon. I know Travis will be excited to start baseball. He is so good at it. Looking forward to some more action shots of him playing.

Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lindsey! Glad to hear that Riley is doing ok. one of these times, I'll look at your blog and it'll say that Riley is 100% better with no problems what so ever. Travis is an awesome big brother. Misty is the perfect dog for both of the boys. She loves them and they love her.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Yummy strawberry cake! Sounds like the Souza household is going to be very busy with baseball, scouts, and golf for Travis and busy for Mommy and Daddy with their leadership duties! Thinking of Riley and hoping he will feel much better very soon. Funny dog Misty! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, looks as if you did enjoy that delicious looking birthday cake. Wow, Travis is going to be busy along with both of you too. Thinking of you all, Love, Debbie and Gary


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