Friday, March 5, 2010

it's always something


Today, Riley and I spent the better part of the day getting his belly checked out. Yesterday, he began showing obvious signs of discomfort and guarding of his belly. It continued into this morning, so off to the pediatrician we went. The verdict at the pediatrician's office (after she called Duke), was that he has a stitch abscess in his incision line. The simple explanation is that a small abscess formed around one of the internal sutures in his incision. Now, it has or is rupturing, making it ooze on the surface and cause him discomfort. So...we wait, and watch for signs of increasing infection, and put ointment on it. He was increasingly miserable as the day went on. If that continues, he will be going right back to the Dr. If he vomits at all, that changes things dramatically.

When the pediatrician called Duke, and she told the surgery office people, that Riley's mom had brought him in for abdominal guarding, and discomfort, they IMMEDIATLY pulled his surgeon from clinic. Dr. H said that if I say he's guarding his belly and acting off, then HE IS. He also praised our knowledge of Riley and said it was ok for us to stay home and deal with this, as we know signs of infection/blockage etc and he trusts us. Of course as good as that made me feel, it is also very stressful looking at his belly, wondering if it looks just a LITTLE bit more red this time then it did 10 minutes ago. Does it look a little bigger? He cried longer that time than he did earlier, is he in MORE pain?

Fun times here.

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Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I feel so sad for Riley. Keeping him in our prayers and hoping he will be feeling better real soon. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I hope Riley is feeling better soon. We are thinking of all of you. Love, Debbie and Gary


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