Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 27: playtime

Trying out his new bike!

Hmm, I really need to fix that reflector thing

Miss priss enjoyed the afternoon outside also! She chased down the Misty-sized tennis ball Travis got her and ran after Travis.

Poor Riley...he isn't quite sure what to make of Misty. He loves her when she's in her kennel and he can stick his fingers in at her and she licks them. He squeals and laughs over that. He does NOT love her, when she's nipping at his pants though! And he can't distinguish between our telling HER "NO!" and telling HIM "No!" he tends to get upset when we tell her No. and he looks confused about it, like "I was just pushing my truck! What'd I do wrong?!" . Poor guy.
Here was a happier moment, when both were behaving!

Travis adores her though, puppy biting and all.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Travis and Riley had a very nice outside "playtime" day. Poor Riley...he might need to come and play at "Mama's" house! Ha! Travis, nice looking bike! Sending Hugs, Pauline


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