Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec 26: Misty

Well...we've had Misty 2 whole days now. She's a sweet little thing but does have that puppy biting/chewing thing going on. We are working with Travis to teach HIM how to handle that behavior, and today has gone much better than yesterday did in that area. First thing this morning, she was a stealer of socks!

She's really little!

Riley enjoyed some pizza while watching Misty run around

We all went to the petstore today, and bought Misty a collar and leash a few other goodies. She was quite the hit in the store! Travis was just grinning ear to ear. Riley was quite a hit also!

She helped Travis put together his new hotwheel's track

While Riley rolled trucks down his slide

And tried climbing up it backwards and did some other daredevil stunts that I couldn't capture on camera because I was too busy catching him!

I guess we'll keep her!


Anonymous said...

How's Misty's behavior today? Love the picture of Misty in the Christmas stocking! Travis and Riley keep enjoying your new toys and your new puppy. Love, Pauline

Jenny Regan said...

Because you needed even MORE cuteness in your house! Now my boys are going to beg me to log on to see Misty news as well as Travis and Riley news! They'd love to meet your boys if you'd ever be up for it...we're heading to my parents in Wilmington tomorrow til Jan. 2. My parents live on Old Fort Rd. in Gorman Plantation in the Ogden area (off Middle Sound Loop). We could meet at a park. My boys are 7 and would flip if they got to play with Travis. Info so you don't think I'm crazy: I found out about your blog from Johelen Walker, who is friends with some other friends of yours. I know Johelen from the Mothers of Multiples here in Chapel Hill/Durham. I've followed your blog because my twin boys both had some serious colon issues and surgeries as newborns (Hirschsprungs Dis.), so Riley's case really struck me. Please email me if you'd like any more info or pictures of us or if you'd like to meet up to play. and i'm on FB, or my cell is 919-368-1923. Thanks for reading this long comment! Jenny Regan in Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

Misty reminds me of the beagle puppy I had when I was little. Her name was Muffin. Beagles are great dogs to have with children.


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