Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life goes on!

Well, we've been home for a few days, and just as life always does, it has gone on, almost as if nothing ever happened. The calls and emails slowed down, I'm posting less frequently, and life is almost perfectly boring and normal.

Riley has done well since being home overall. Not back to normal, but doing well overall. He needs to eat more, and his belly still has some adjusting to do, however his incision has finally stopped leaking and healed over. THAT is great news. It seems to have healed nicely too, which is great because that means its easier to get the bag to make a good seal with his tummy. We've gone back to using the same ostomy bags as we were using prior to his surgery, and they seem to be working well. He has begun to try crawling again, and after a few times of being scared by me RUSHING over to stop him from doing the army crawl, he seems to have decided that he's gonna do the normal crawl. Which is fantastic, because he needs to not do the army crawl on that fresh/less than optimal stoma of his. However, he still doesn't quite have the crawling under control yet, and tends to move forward with his left knee and sideways with his right knee. So he never quite ends up where he intended, but he's not stuck in one spot! haha He has not attempted to pull up since being home and he hasn't even been fond of standing. So he still has some recovery to do. But overall, he's doing well. He finished his antibiotic tonight also.

Travis is LOVING having Riley and I here in the afternoons when he gets off the bus. I'm not sure who keeps me busier. Riley usually ends up in his stroller outside, while Travis and I play basketball, or draw "cities" in chalk on our driveway for him to ride his scooter around on. Riley just LOVES to watch Travis ride his scooter. He just cackles with laughter over that. Travis had his first machine pitch ball game last Saturday, and was supposed to have one last night also, but it was rained out.

So thats the latest. Pretty dull stuff! But do you realize what is coming up NEXT week?


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, It is so good to hear you talking about doing "normal stuff". A week ago, you weren't sure when that would happen again. So happy all is well on the home front, and I'm sure Riley will continue to surge forward, and return to all the things he did before surgery. I bet you have lots of special ideas, and activities, for that WONDERFUL celebration next week! I couldn't be happier for you all, to get to enjoy Riley's very SPECIAL DAY!!!

Love, Hugs, and Well Wishes for Riley!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we can't wait to help little Riley celebrate his FIRST BIRTHDAY! Such a special day for a very special little boy! We keep you in our prayers daily, little Riley. Hugs, Pauline

E & A Rodriguez said...

I randomly stumbled across your blog, so great to see Riley all big and handsome. You all deserve the best! :) Nurse Alison

Anonymous said...

thank goodness for dull, glad all is going well since you are hope.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, can't wait to celebrate that special day of Riley's. Thinking of you always, Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Riley is doing well!!!!! He is a remarkable baby. Keep posting because we all want to hear how he and Travis are both doing, whether it be "normal" or not. "Normal" is good!!!!!!!!!! I wish Riley a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY next week.


Cindy said...

Great to hear that things are back to 'normal'..can't wait to see pics of the birthday boy and big bro...have fun..take care!


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