Monday, September 21, 2009

How's Riley doing?

See for yourself!

He was facinated by his brother digging in the dirt

Still teething hard! (thus, the drool)

See how skinny his legs are now?

Tried a little hands and knees action today...didn't get very far (he isn't supposed to army crawl now...what a challenge)

Taking a break

Obviously there are more details to how he is doing, but I just wanted to share some pictures for tonight!



michelle said...

I love the last picture! I'm so glad to see Riley is feeling well enough to have some fun.

Michelle, Scott, Jason, & Braden

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update a picture is worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

Two sweet boys. Oh, how much fun it is to play with Travis and Riley. Love to you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures!!!! I'm sorry I haven't been out to see you guys..I have had lots of sinus issues and I just dont want to take a chance on being close around him. If you guys need anything please call!!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful, and Riley is just one amazing little boy! Love seeing those big brown eyes, and that fabulous smile of his, (along with the drool). So glad to see him so happy, and getting to enjoy some sunshine. His yellow outfit with the lion is adorable, and shows off his summer tan.

Many Hugs,

Anonymous said...

He is a amazing little boy....and cuter than a button!

Anonymous said...

Those darling boys!!! Love the pictures. Debbie and Gary


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