Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our last weekend of summer, in pictures

And what better place to spend it, than on the boat and at the beach?!


Jay tried to slide down the hill on the boogie board...this one didn't work so well. He got stuck

The kneeboard worked great though! Look at that grin after sliding down that hill!

Hey Ya'll, watch this! (Click on for video)

Look at that grin! Bailey tried going by herself, but was too light, and the tube wouldn't pull properly. They got bounced around the most and she was still all grin's when the ride was over.

Someone's getting brave!

He makes everything look so easy


Is that a mer-man?

Now there's three of them!

When did he get SO handsome?!

and crazy? He was rolling in the sand.

Sunday evening:

Little surfer boy (click on for video)

He took off scootin through the sand...he left tracks like a sea turtle



Anonymous said...

Love all the fun weekend beach pictures. No better way to spend a weekend! Glad everyone had so much fun. Love the ones of Riley scooting through the sand! Way to go Travis with knee boarding and surfing! Love, Pauline

Jenni said...

Hi Lindsey! Michelle mentioned Riley was having surgery on Wednesday. Just wanted to let you know that we are already saying prayers for Riley and all of you!

Jenni (friend of Michelle's)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, my favorite are the sea turtle tracks left from Riley. Love it. Looks like you all had fun. We will be thinking of you so much on Wednesday. Saying prayers now, Take care, Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, It is just so great seeing you all having so much fun this weekend. Jay really was having a great time sliding down that hill, and Travis is just so good on his knee board. Riley was enjoying himself, playing and scooting in the sand,(to cute!) and the photo's you took, were captured just perfectly!
Know that prayers and positive thoughts have already started for Riley, for Wednesday. Please give him hugs and squeezes for me!
PS. Travis was born Handsome, as was his baby brother!!


Anonymous said...

Lindsey ~
Love all those beach pictures, and the more pics I see, the more I think to myself what a amazing photographer you would be, and are! ( and you have 2 great models in which to photoshot..:) Just wanted to say Love the pics, and praying for Riley and you four as you go through surgery this coming week. Thinking of you all! Your once upon a time nurse Erica


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