Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying to pictures

He isn't crawling YET. But the desire is there. See for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Yep, it won't be long now Riley and you'll be crawling everywhere you want to go! Hugs to you all. Hugs, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, you know that Travis will be the first one that Riley crawls to...or something that Travis is trying to build or play with. You can just see the determination and interest on his face, in watching Travis. To cute!! And the picture of him standing at the couch, is just precious. I could almost hear him shrieking with delight at himself!Just adorable.

Hugs to all,

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Riley will be crawling soon! He looks like he's almost there. He is adorable and I love the pictures of him and Travis together.


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