Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a big boy!


Yesterday and today were dr appointment days for Riley. Yesterday, was a 6 month follow up from the eye exam he had in the NICU the week of his discharge. That means he has been home for 6 months now! Yay. He was at risk for potential eye issues because he was born a little bit early and because of all his time spent on oxygen. They saw no issues related to any of that though. They did say he IS nearsighted, but that could clear up. He will go back next year to have that reevaluated. If it hasn't cleared up by then, we'll decide what to do about it at that time, as its not something that will cause him delays at this time.

Today, he went to the pediatrician for his 9 month old appointment. We are a little behind with that one due to being on vacation the week he would have gone, but thats ok. First off, his weight was.......... 18lbs3oz!!!!!!!! so that number alone sounds terrific but when you add that he is now in the 10th percentile for his age, you get me jumping up and down with joy! He went from not being on the chart at all last month to being in the 10th percentile now. How proud am I of him?! Once again, he's defying the odds. Our pediatrician came bursting in the room, as she just knew it was a mistake and had to see for herself right away. She was teary eyed when she said that typically these kids like Riley struggle for sooooooo long. Hopefully, all his struggling days are behind him! His length was in the 25th percentile so she was VERY pleased with him today! He is still a little behind with some of his gross motor skills and she is scheduling a physical therapy consult just as a precaution for him.Nothing major, more or less a peace of mind type appointment. Plus, since we are going to have his surgery to reconnect his ostomy done in September, we want him to be in tip top shape before that goes down and that is only 2 months away! His surgery will likely delay his development some, so the more we can work with him now on the things he has issues with, the better off he will be when he's all healed from surgery.

So overall very positive reports from both doctors. Some slight problems noticed, but I was ecstatic after both appointments with how well he is doing. Potential eye glasses needed and muscle exercises are nothing compared with where we have been before.

I am SO proud of him. His journey began long and hard, and I would much rather it not have been that way, but I am so glad that I was picked to be his mother. I have learned so much from him, and have been inspired by him in ways one would not realize from such a young baby, and I only hope that I could ever be half as brave and strong as him!
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michelle said...

What great news! Riley will end up bigger than Jason in no time. He was only a little over 19 lbs. at 12 months! I wish he was back up to 10th percentile for weight now!


Anonymous said...

What a precious, sweet boy he is!! And, we are so proud of you, Riley, for eating and growing so well. Keep it up and you'll be throwing the cast net with Travis before long. Love you Lindsey, Jay, Travis and Riley. Pauline

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to hear all the good news about Riley. It's wonderful!!! Keep it up Riley. You're such a sweetie pie. Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Riley, He is truely a miracle, it is so great that he has parents that have tried to do everything that could to help him in this journey,God knows who these little fellows need and he give Riley to you. thank God for answered Pray that continues each day, thanks you for continueing to keep us update as Riley has become a part of many lifes. Doris

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great report from the doctor visit. It goes to show, that eating all that good homemade baby food, makes a healthy, happy, Riley. Lindsey, you should be very proud. Your labor of love is doing the trick, in putting the "chubs", and muscle on that sweet baby! You can just look at that smiling face on him, and see a very loved, and content little boy.I'm sure he will catch up with all his motor skills real soon, but they like everything else, will be handled on "Riley's Time"! God bless!!!

Love, and many Hugs,

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

I'm jumping up and down, too! I know how important that growth is, especially when you are growing him for another surgery :) He is so cute sitting up in his chair with his little shoes on. What happened to our little babies??


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