Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's all about Travis

Last night (friday), Jay and Travis and Travis' cub scout pack, went to Myrtle Beach to Ripley's Aquarium and camped out! They toured the aquarium first and then about 1am, they all settled down to "Sleep with the Sharks". The aquarium has a tunnel that runs through the big shark tank, and they slept on the floor of the tunnel. How cool is that?! Jay and Travis both couldn't talk enough about the adventure.

Travis and his good buddy Ronan

Making a new friend

This morning, they left the aquarium about 7:45am (after not getting to sleep until about 2am) and headed home. Travis had his last T-ball game today at 10:45am. They got home about 9:30 and we got ready for a busy day. Off to the ball park we went.

When we got there, Jay and I were a little disappointed when we realized what team we were playing. This team is good, no doubt. But their coach is out to win and ONLY out to win. And the ridiculous thing about that is you don't keep score in T-ball! But his attitude and actions are just appalling and I am soooooo glad my child isn't on his team. He basically cheats. CHEATS. In T-ball!!! How pathetic is that?! Travis' coach always takes the high road though and it was a good game, albeit one with much grumbling from me on how awful the other coach is.

Travis did GREAT and had good hits and he played first base the first inning and made an out. The next inning he played 3rd base and the last inning he played center field and as you'll see below, made an out there. We were proud as was he! Thanks to those who came to cheer him on today, he LOVED it!

Click on this one below, it's a movie!

Click on this one too, it's also a movie (my apologies for the sound being a little off)

After t-ball, it was off to the park right down the road. His bus driver, every year, has an end of year celebration for her students. The principal was there and everything. Ms Leslie went all out on the celebration and it was a very good time. Travis played with lots of friends and the overcast and cooler weather kept the adults from being miserable. Riley enjoyed the park as well!

We stayed at the park for a few hours, because at 3:30, we had baseball closing ceremonies. Travis got a medal and is very proud of it! I am very proud that for a kid who didn't go to bed until 2am, got up at 7am and had a very VERY full day...he kept a great attitude all day!


Anonymous said...

Travis, what an exciting and fun-filled weekend...sleeping with sharks...know you loved that! Great plays today at T-ball...Mama enjoyed watching you play ball so much! You are a SUPER KID! Love you bunches, Mama

Anonymous said...

What a busy 2 days Travis had, (but it sounds like he enjoyed every minute of them) I bet it was a lot of fun to sleep with the sharks. I am so proud of the way he plays T-Ball. He is really going to be an asset to his team when he plays Little League Baseball. He sure looks like a natural!!! That sure is a super medal,Travis!
Riley seemed to be enjoying the swing, and he really looks "Chubby" in that photo. Beautiful pictures, and I surely enjoyed the videos of Travis. You caught the most important plays he made!
Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Great job, Travis! Sounds like you had a teriffic weekend. I love your medal you got. We're so proud of you, Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Congrats Travis!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Awesome looking Travis! Sami and you would have fun playing ball together! Keep up the good work! Have a super fun summer!


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