Monday, June 1, 2009

8 Months Old!!

Dear Riley,

Time is just flying by. You are changing so much every single day. You have 2 little bottom teeth now, that both came in at exactly the same time. You are sitting up so much better by yourself, although not quite well enough to lose the protection of the boppy pillow. You have so many expressions that crack me up, and you have begun to just squeal loudly when you want attention or sometimes, just when you are playing with your toys. The loudest squeals and excitement are usually in response to Travis doing something or just being nearby.

You are still a Mommy's boy. I hope that never changes. You are so excited everyday when I come home, and as I found out one day, I have to pick you up and love you before I do ANYTHING else upon walking in. If not? You seem like your little heart absolutely breaks into. So guess what I do when I get home? I kiss Travis and then go straight for you. You are usually just beside yourself with excitement that you are squealing and jumping/lunging/flailing your limbs with anticipation. What a lucky girl I am right?!

For a formerly VERY high maintenance baby, you have become much more independent. Don't get me wrong, you still have your moments, but you will happily play for quite some time on the floor with your toys, independently. We are always right nearby, but we can walk away for a few minutes now, without you losing your mind over it.

And here is something I never ever thought I would be saying about are getting CHUBBY!!! Certainly not tipping the scales, or the kind of chubby that strangers remark at (in fact, strangers ALWAYS say "oh he's little" when we answer how old you are), but for those that are close to you, it's noticeable. Your legs don't have that newborn look anymore (they did still when you were 6 months old), and you actually have a little bit of a butt now! But, the place that the chub shows the most, is in your cheeks. Always your cheeks.

Your hair is growing finally now also. It has been so thin all this time and never growing longer or thicker. Having most of it shaved off for IV's didn't help you gain ground either. But now, it's starting to really thicken up and get longer. I take that as another sign that your body is really getting good nutrition now.

Mommy talked with the doctor who saved you at NHRMC the other day about you. The doctor that within a few hours of suspecting you had NEC, was on the phone arranging transport to a hospital with a pediatric surgeon. He started the big gun antibiotics at the first suspicion of NEC at 2am that morning. We often say that Duke saved your life, because it's true, but Duke has said that Dr. M is the real one who saved your life. If he hadn't started that first round of antibiotics that he quickly as the infection ravaged your insides, even 2 hours difference would likely have made the difference in life and death for you. TWO HOURS. Wow. He couldn't believe how well your doing. He commented that in his experience (which is many many years worth), babies like you, don't get to eat foods until usually a year old. Sometimes longer than that. They just aren't well enough. You continue to amaze not only those of us that know and love you dearly, but your doctors as well. They are really honest and truly astounded by your progress.

It always makes me a little sick feeling to hear the doctor's say (again) how sick you were, but then I feel SO very proud of you. Because we sat there day in and out, and we did everything we possibly could to let you know you were loved and needed here...but YOU had to do all the hard work. And I don't know WHO you got that will to live, urge to fight, stubborn, not gonna give up no matter what attitude from, but I am SO thankful you did. I have high expectations for you little one. You were put here on this earth to do great things. Never quit fighting and always ALWAYS remember that I love you!




Dear Readers,

My Mommy says that right now, so many places are raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. Here in Wilmington, Lowes Foods, Costco and Walmart are, and there could be more. Around here, the money goes to Duke Children's. This is the place that took very good care of me for a long time. My mommy gets messages ALL the time (still!) from people who say they wish they could do something for us, etc, etc. If you would like to do something, that would mean soooo much to us... when you go somewhere that is collecting money for the Children's Miracle Network, PLEASE donate! Even if your NOT here locally, that money will go to a place like Duke that helps a LOT of really sick kid's like me. Even if it's just $1..., if you donated a dollar every time you went, that all adds up. When they ask you if you'd like to donate, please think of me, and give a little.

Also, don't forget about McDonalds. There is usually a box in the restaurant to donate to the Ronald McDOnald House and a bin thing in the drive through lane. My Mommy usually dumps out all the change in her wallet in that thing.

Spread the word to everyone you know, feel free to share my story for the inspiration to give. The very best way you can help US, is to give to the place that helped ME and other sick babies and children like me.




Anonymous said...

Dear Lindsey, What a sweet message to Riley. You just made me cry so many tears. Thank you God for guiding the doctors to save baby Riley...he truly is a miracle and an inspiration to us all. Love you, Pauline

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how far Riley has come in 8 months, and I thank God and Riley's strong spirit for that! What a beautiful letter to your sweet son Lindsey. The pictures tell a thousand words!!! Precious, beautiful, and a happy well rounded baby boy!!!
God Bless You Riley! I am sending many hugs to you "cute Stuff"
Mom-Mom Dale

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lindsey, tears are flowing down my cheeks. Riley sure has been a fighter and I attribute that to him, his family/friends, prayer, and the almighty and powerful God. The pictures are darling. We will continue to help with Children's Miracle Network and the Ronald McDonald House. Riley is so dear to our hearts. Love, Debbie and Gary

Jamie said...

I have been reading your blog since Riley was born and got sick. I am friends with Aimee King and she gave me the blog address. I am so glad that Riley is doing so well. I just had to finally leave you a comment and tell you how incredibly cute he is. (Actually both the boys are so cute). I love looking at his pictures!

My kids were born very premature and spent a long time in the NICU. My daughter spent the last 1.5 months of her NICU stay at the Duke NICU for eye problems. We have similiar feelings about Duke as they saved some of her vision.


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