Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soooooo thankful for good people....

Ever wonder what about $1000 worth of Elecare would look like?

Let me show you!


And the cost to our family?


Thanks to one of the wonderful NICU doctors at NHRMC, Riley recieved 3 CASES of Vanilla Elecare today at absolutely no charge to us. It should last us about 2 months. Shew

Whoa. That's huge. I pretty much was a babbling idiot in trying to express my gratitude to him!!
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Michelle said...

Hey girl,
I hope Riley loves the elecare . . . it always smells like a vanilla milkshake I think! He is getting sooo big!!! Hope yall are doing great!!!


Christie said...

Riley looks very big in this picture! Very excited about the formula!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey, I'm so happy for Riley...I know he loves the elecare! I'm so thankful for the good doctor in NICU too. Love to you all. Pauline

Anonymous said...

Thank God for generous and caring people. What a wonderful gift for Baby Riley. I hope he enjoys his formula and continues to grow and consume the amounts the doctors recommend. He certainly is looking healthy and more chubby in the recent pictures.
Have a very Happy Mothers Day with your two handsome boys!
Love and Hugs,

Jenny in Chapel Hill said...

Wow! His gesture helps reinforce that there is a lot of good in this world. Happy Mother's Day!


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